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    Team meeting at 2016 Reno Worlds Tournament

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    Askeo in the building Reno Worlds

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    2018 Askeo Winter Champion Summer Wrestling Camp with 2018 NCAA National Champion Zahid Valencia

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    James Cook going to Battle

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    2018 Askeo Freestyle State placers

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    2016 Middle School District Tournament with Askeo all over the place!

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(360) 773-3382


Frequently asked questions:

Q: What Ages can enroll in the club?

A: 5 years old up to 19 years old


Q: Do you allow girls to wrestle for the club?

A: Absolutly 100%. We have many phenomenal girl wrestlers who wrestle for Askeo.


Q: Are there boundary restrictions to participate at Askeo International Mat Club?                                           

A: No, We welcome wrestlers from all schools and from any part of Washington and Oregon.


Q: What does the word Askeo Mean?


Phonetic Spelling:   as-keh'-o 

Part of speech:  Verb


  1. to form by art, to adorn
  2. to exercise (one's) self, take pains, labour, strive

Askeo International Mat Club provides a well organized and affordable wrestling club for young wrestlers in the Vancouver and surrounding area. We are a faith based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a passion for creating champions in life as well as on the mat. ASKEO strives to achieve excellence through our leadership staff and coaches.

Registration is Open

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